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May 29, 2011
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Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of an EREINION Unit. To ensure that you receive the full benefits of your Last High King of Noldor, please read these instructions carefully, and follow them closely, for not doing so will result in a very bored elfling-like-in-mind King, which will result as Highly Annoyed MANDOS and Extremely Pissed VAIRE, which will cause a massive destruction within Valinor that the High King will be banned from MANDOS' Halls.

Basic Information:


Date of Birth: late First Age

Place of Manufacture: Hithlum

Height: Tall

Weight: Typical elves' weight!

Module Type: Random and cute

Your EREINION unit will come with the following accessories:
~Kingly Crown
~Several royal robes
~Shining helm
~Long sword
~Silver shield
~Several hair ties
~Several pranking material

WAR HORSE unit sold separately.

AEGLOS accessory sold separately.


Your EREINION unit is a special unit that works well with everyone and every other units! Though, his love for pranking may make him rivals with several other units. Feed your EREINION unit with the food that are given by MAEDHROS unit, which will make him energized. EREINION unit is highly adaptable to many kinds of circumstances. (Look: The Last Alliance) He has a lot of useful programs:

~Tutoring history. Seeing that he's a high king, therefore he should have a lot of knowledge about his ancestry.

~Partner in Crime. What immortals do whenever are bored, are merry making! And 'merry making' for EREINION unit is 'pranking'. Not to mention that since before he went to Valinor via MANDOS, he was a High King. Since Valinor has a certain High King, then he'll probably has nothing to do. So this is his decision! Join him if you don't want to be his victim! Muahahahahaha...

~Bodyguard. He HAS fought SAURON unit in the Last Alliance, therefore he's a warrior. Leave it to him to fight whoever that threatens you. Say good bye to FAN GIRL Unit, ORCS Units, DARK FORCES Units, and annoying relatives!

~Commander. He WAS the High King of Noldor. And he used to have ELROND unit as his herald.

Your EREINION unit comes with 5 different modes:
~Elfling (Default)
~Loving (When near FINGON unit)
~Hungry (When near MAEDHROS unit)
~Fierce Warrior

Elfling - Seeing that he lived within a war as a child, not to mention he has lost his father, he had no chance to grow up as a happy and merry elfling. Let's just say that this is his chance to live as a normal elfling (although he's no longer one).

Loving - Since EREINION Unit lost his father (FINGON Unit) as a child, and he tends to be attached to a nearby FINGON Unit whenever he sees one.

Hungry - 'MAEDHROS Units are such a great Uncle and cook', quoted directly from EREINION Unit. He loves sweets, and MAEDHROS Unit, being so 'awesomest cook amongst all in Valinor', as said from EREINION, will always be eager to try MAEDHROS Unit's food.

Serious - It is unlockable via installing a program 'the Last Alliance', which is free in every nearby BIG AND HAPPY NOLDORIN FAMILYᵀᴹ stores if you have EREINION unit.

Fierce Warrior - It is unlockable by putting an ORC Unit or DARK FORCES Unit nearby him. His weapons and shield isn't just for accessory, you know!

He is more than capable to clean himself, although, if you desire to help him, you have to have a 'REAL CLOSE' relationship with him, seeing that he has no wife or children. (Que nosebleed)

Your EREINION Unit may create chaos wherever he go by using his pranks. DO SUPERVISE IN HIS PRANKS OR HE MAY BE DESTROYED BY HIS OWN ALLY.

Relationships with another Units:

NOLOFINWE: Your EREINION Unit is his grandson. 'Tis is no wonder that the two is close; EREINION Unit will attempt to get to know his grandfather had they are near each other.

FINGON: Your EREINION Unit is his son, and they lost each other during a certain war (See: the Silmarillion). Therefore they are very close.

TURGON: He is EREINION Unit's uncle, it is natural to see them close.

MAEDHROS: Your EREINION Unit simply adores the food that was cooked by every MAEDHROS Unit. Take precaution whenever the two are near each other, EREINION could be fat. (/fail)

MACALAURE: Your EREINION Unit loves to listen to music, and every MACALAURE Unit is known by the beautiful voice – of which, will lure EREINION Unit to go to him just to listen.

BIG AND HAPPY NOLDORIN FAMILY MEMBERS: Basically, he will be friendly and respectful to all of them (and perhaps have some rivals) since he is in the 4th Generation of the NOLDORIN FAMILY.

DARK AND EVIL FORCES: EREINION Unit may be childish, but he isn't stupid to fight all of them by his own. He detests them, a whole lot.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: My EREINION Unit acts just like a child the whole time. He uses crayon to draw stick men, plays with small miniature toys… Can't he act like an adult he is? Is something wrong with him?

A: Nothing. He's just catching up with his missing childhood.

Q: My EREINION Unit keeps on glowering at FEANOR Unit. Is something wrong with him?

A: That is a NOLOFINWE Unit we mistakenly sent to you. Had you don't want him, you can send him back so that we can send you your usual EREINION Unit.

Q: My EREINION Unit is shouting at the Television something about 'GLORY TO LINDON!'. What is it to him?

A: You have exposed your EREINION Unit to a war movie in the TV, of which, it seems that you haven't introduce him to electricity yet.

Q: Is it fine for my EREINION Unit to go out with me?

A: It depends on your relationship with him. If it is fine with him, go on your merry way! **WARNING: YOU MAY BE THE MOST SEVERE PRANK VICTIM BY DOING THAT**


Problem: He kept on stalking MAEDHROS Unit. What should I do?

Solution: Try to distract him using MAEDHROS' Brother Unit, MACALAURE with his songs.

Send us the problems if you have one! We will provide the solutions. Call: 0361-********** or simply email: [insert e-mail]
Here is one of few Owner Guidance and Maintenance Manual I've written for the BIG AND HAPPY NOLDORIN FAMILY that :iconkittykatkanie: had created. And I am Ereinion from the family (or the House of Fingolfin, whichever you prefer). ;P

PM her if you want to be part of the family. You must know about the story Silmarillion before applying into one of the family.

We do not bite, and we would act as a happy family instead of a family full of betrayal and such, calling the others with who they're supposed to be for us (who you are in the family). As I call Fingon - ada, Fingolfin - daerada. XD
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StrawberryJam1313 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
I really love how there can be a 'hungry' mode xDD HE'S SO CUTE *huggles*
AlaudeSketchbook Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
XDDD Inspired by how I always seem to be hungry. ;P

Nah, not really. Inspired by a little girl who was in my hometown and visits my home because of her mom's job. <3
StrawberryJam1313 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011

Oh really? And she was always hungry? xD
AlaudeSketchbook Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed! xD

She always asks for a candy or something sweet to either me or my lil' bro. So cute.. <333
StrawberryJam1313 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011
Awww :heart: Adorable!
GuadaLucero Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
tHis is super hilarious!! love it!
AlaudeSketchbook Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D
GuadaLucero Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
you're welcome! you deserved it!
LadyBrookeCelebwen Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Pissed Vaire? I wonder if I get a free pass from her since I'm in the Realm of Vaire on CoE....confused.

Anyways, this is awesome. :D ....can I get some of Maedhros's cooking? If I beg him to cook for me? Or is the cooking only for the relatives that didn't toss his brothers out into the wilderness?
AlaudeSketchbook Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Fear not! I shall ask for my herald to let you have a free pass! /epic fail

Mufufu~ We all can get uncle Nelyo's cooking~ Just ask 'im~ ;P Since we're in Mandos (mean Namo... Not letting us go... *sulk*), no one held any angry feelings to each other! (Well, maybe some people.. *stares at select few people*)

And thank you uncle~! :dance:
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